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Power Your Car Cameras Properly with ASIL-Grade Camera Power Protector

By Starry Tsai on Jun 18, 2020 11:22:00 AM

It’s common for today’s vehicles to feature multiple cameras that, combined with other advanced sensors such as radar and LiDAR, support safety features like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). This fusion of sensors detects blind spots, pedestrians, street lanes and more.

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How to Keep Your True-Wireless Earbuds Cool

By Michael Jackson on May 11, 2020 12:45:00 PM

By removing the tangle of wires, true-wireless earbuds truly give users the flexibility that comes with being unencumbered by cords. When designing true-wireless earbuds, you might find that their unique features - small size, high reliability, fast and efficient battery charging - are also among their toughest design challenges.

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LUXROBO Enhances IoT Power Efficiency with Analog ICs

By Christine Young on Apr 23, 2020 9:17:00 AM

LUXROBO helps creative minds - especially those of children - bring their ideas to life, thanks to its MODI “robotics of things” platform. The Seoul, South Korea-based company’s MODI community has conceived and designed everything from a bot that can paint to a smart trash can, a candy machine, and a music box.

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