3 min read

Power Integrity in Digital Designs [Analysis Application]

By Christoph Zysset on Jul 9, 2020 11:13:00 AM

Modern electronic products operate at higher frequencies, have increased functionality, and have densely populated PCBs. On effect thereof are lower supply voltages, commonly 3.3, 1.8, 1.5 and even 1.1 V DC. All these DC voltages have tighter tolerance compared to previous product generations.

Topics: Keysight IoT Testing and measuring Measurement
4 min read

Arm: How Simulation Models Support Engineers [Fixed Virtual Platforms]

By Grzegorz Cuber on Jun 30, 2020 10:56:00 AM

Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP) are simulation models used by engineers for software development before the equipment is delivered. FVP are designed to emulate the work of a complete system, just as if it was physically connected to the programming environment.

Topics: Software IoT Industry 4.0 Arm Keil
5 min read

Platform Security Architecture [2/2]: The Four Phases

By Alessandro Sanasi on May 20, 2020 11:19:00 AM

The Platform Security Architecture (PSA) is a framework for securing a trillion connected devices. For more details about PSA, read part 1 of this article. The application of the PSA consists of four key phases, each of which is supplied with documentation and guide.

Topics: IoT Industry 4.0 Wireless Security Arm Keil