It is very common for developers that they struggle to add wireless connectivity to their IoT devices. In most cases, it takes weeks - if not months - to get from design to prototype. Thanks to the new Wireless Xpress solution from Silicon Labs, even adding the most sophisticated Bluetooth or Wi-Fi functionality can mean no problem for you.


Wireless Xpress provides a configuration-based development experience with everything developers need, including certified Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy (LE) and Wi-Fi® modules, integrated protocol stacks and easy-to-use tools supported by the Silicon Labs Gecko OS operating system.

Let us see the key areas Wireless Xpress can perform in:

1. Cloud connectivity

Cloud connectivity is also a serious challenge for design teams to build from scratch. Wireless Xpress provides instant cloud connectivity and has built-in firmware updates, along with the ability to retrieve updates and push them out to devices in the field.

This functionality eliminates the need for our customers to pay for subscription-based services to ensure these updates are managed. Wireless Xpress addresses all of these challenges head-on without a big stack.

2. MCU limitations

Another challenge solved by the new solution, and especially beneficial for low-power applications, is MCU processing constraints. An MCU in a typical wireless design is handling all of the network processing demands versus application needs, creating a situation where customers are often paying more than they need for an MCU.

Wireless Xpress offloads the embedded host processing from the MCU and handles processing demands inside the package, reducing the processing performance required and optimizing the chip-set. With Wireless Xpress, you can use a barebone 8-bit MCU for applications that would have otherwise needed a 32-bit because of RAM, flash, etc. demands.

3. Support Down to the Silicon

When you look at other pre-programmed modules on the market, what you find is module vendors are not SoC designers – the silicon in these products is from other companies. Therefore, in the support structure, problems tend to be punted to the underlying silicon vendor.

With the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, Silicon Labs is able to go all the way down to the silicon to find a problem. Wireless Xpress gives customers one point of contact for wireless design, making it much easier for support and troubleshooting.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules from Silicon Laboratories are pre-programmed, pre-qualified and are the pin for pin compatible with the other products in their portfolio.

4. Lack of experience and skills

So many companies seeking wireless connectivity are long-standing, established companies in markets that don’t have the in-house resources nor the budget to invest in wireless connectivity talent – these companies’ main agenda is to make exceptional products for their markets.

Wireless Xpress gives these companies the opportunity to obtain the wireless expertise they need in one package – giving time back to the developers to worry about their own customer needs – instead of complex wireless scenarios that demand too much time and money.


The new Wireless Xpress simplifies wireless development and reduces the daunting task of working in numerous and complicated wireless development interfaces.

Wireless Xpress eliminates the need for wireless development by providing ready-to-use and proven solution for adding wireless connectivity to your next product.

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Article reposted with permission from Lance Looper, Senior Manager at Silicon Laboratories.