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Guarantee functionality of AC Equipment on different power grids

When designing a grid powered product, you should consider various points that can impact the behavior of your product or even the grid.

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity With Zero Programming - Is That Possible?

 It is very common for developers that they struggle to add wireless connectivity to their IoT devices. In most cases, it takes weeks - if not months - to get from design to prototype. Thanks to the new Wireless Xpress solution from Silicon Labs, even adding the most sophisticated Bluetooth or Wi-Fi functionality can mean no problem for you.

Wireless Xpress provides a configuration-based development experience with everything developers need, including certified Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy (LE) and Wi-Fi® modules, integrated protocol stacks and easy-to-use tools supported by the Silicon Labs Gecko OS operating system.

Let us see the key areas Wireless Xpress can perform in:

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IT6300 Combine Channels

Modern multi-channel power supplies offer the possibility to couple two channels in series or in parallel to double the output voltage or the output current.

This feature is very useful in cases where you have to power a device under test which requires more voltage or current than one of the individual channels of the power supply can source.

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